Information on Eye Festival Talks and Exhibitions 2012

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Information on Eye Festival Talks and Exhibitions 2012

Eamonn McCabe will be talking about how he got he got started in photography. First photographing rock bands and then working for local papers before getting a start at The Observer where he won Sports photographer of the Year a record four times. In 1985 after winning News Photographer of The Year for his work at the Heysel Stadium disaster he went on to be Picture Editor of The Guardian for thirteen years before concentrating on his own work, photographing people in the arts.

Roger Tiley: “I was born and have lived in the south Wales valleys all of my life. As a photographer, the valley communities have formed a major subject for my image making. My up-bringing has enabled me to have the ability to communicate and gain trust in order to make images. Photography is a great excuse to meet people and visit places that I would never had the pleasure of seeing, if it were not for my camera.

“The foundation of which a large percentage of my work has evolved around is industry.

“I shall talk about the thirty or so years of my photographic career and my introduction to documentary photography in the late 1970s, whilst working as an apprentice industrial photographer. Illustrations will include early work and the historic significance to the images up until my latest commission with the Arts Council of Wales. During my presentation, I shall show work from the south Wales valleys, the Appalachian coal regions and my latest commissioned, titled, ‘The Manufactured Coast-scape of Wales’. This will be supported by a range of photographs from other projects and commissions.”

Marco Longari will be in discussion with Colin Jacobson talking about his work for AFP on some of Africa and the Middle East’s most important and sometimes dangerous stories

Cambridge Jones will be talking about and answering questions on celebrity portraiture, the fame game and the role of photography within it.

His interest is actually photography rather than fame, which gives him a very relaxed ring side seat to the world of Hollywood, politicians and actors that he is asked to capture. He has more interest in Andre Kertez and Cartier Bresson than Hello or Grazia and will tell you a little about how he approaches each portrait shoot.

Andy Rouse will give a talk about his Top 20 images of all time.

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