Ffoton Wales / The Eye competition entries gaining in numbers

With over 600 creative photographs posted on Instagram and Flickr in just over a month, Ffoton Wales / The Eye also want their #urbanwales project to be a way for photographers to exhibit their work publicly – for many it’ll be the first time. The Littleman Coffee Co. in Cardiff City Centre will be the home to a range of Urban themed photography through 4th April to 30th June 2016. The main cafe space in Littleman will display the work of a single photographer for each of the 3 months, meanwhile downstairs will host an exhibition of work by 8 photographers, changing monthly.

Ffoton will also be launching their inaugural ‘Ffoton Talks’ – a series of monthly social events for photographers with guest speakers discussing their work. The first 3 events will tie in with the #urbanwales theme and also explore the challenges of working in public spaces, protest events and existing and emerging legal issues for professional photographers.
Photographers exhibiting during the #urbanwales show and guest ‘Ffoton Talks’ speakers will be announced in coming days.

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