Ffoton Wales / The Eye competition entries gaining in numbers

With over 600 creative photographs posted on Instagram and Flickr in just over a month, Ffoton Wales / The Eye also want their #urbanwales project to be a way for photographers to exhibit their work publicly – for many it’ll be the first time. The Littleman Coffee Co. in Cardiff City Centre will be the home to a range of Urban themed photography through 4th April to 30th June 2016. The main cafe space in Littleman will display the work of a single photographer for each of the 3 months, meanwhile downstairs will host an exhibition of work by 8 photographers, …

Maria Gruzdeva Explores the Russian Cosmonaut Training facilities

Direction-Space! sheds light on the two most iconic and once secretive Soviet space facilities – Star City and Baikonur. The project not only unveils the daily lives of cosmonauts, scientists and engineers who still live and work there, but also shows their habitat – the technology and aesthetics of these historical spaces, where previous generations of cosmonauts have trained since the 1960s.


Rockarchive founder and world renowned music photographer, Jill Furmanovsky, opens her archive to share her mainly unseen collection of anarchic Punk images. Featuring The Buzzocks, The Clash, The Sex Pistols and many more, A Chunk of Punk is a photographic celebration of 1970’s subversive culture. An event as featured as part of Punk.London: 40 Years of SubversiveCulture http://www.punk.london/

Nick Danziger Exhibitions

Eye speaker Nick Danziger exhibiting ‘ Eleven Women Facing War ‘ at The Imperial War Museum until April 24th and Each Person Counts will show in Vienna 14-22 March