Hot News on CHEAP Accommodation

The University cleared some cheap accommodation for The Eye Festival today. Basic rooms with shared kitchen and shower facilities are just £ 19.20 / night and houses to accommodate 5-6 people with shared kitchen and shower are £30 / person / night Meaning the whole weekend can be just a few pounds over the 100. No other Festival of this standard can compete with that. A real bargain. Call the Box office to book your tickets now

Abbie Traylor-Smith off to Iraq

Sad news that Abbie Traylor-Smith will be missing from the Fine Beginning talk on Friday night. A commission for Oxfam working in Iraq has been brought forward a week unfortunately keeping Abbie away from us. Its the nature of the game Abbie and we understand fully and hope the trip is a success for you. Stay safe.  

Eye 2016 First Talk on…..

On Friday 30th September the first talk at The Eye 2016 will be members of the Welsh photography collective A Fine Beginning talking about their individual personal projects and discuss how they collaborate to exhibit photography being made in and about Wales’. pic James O Jenkins

Book a Place to See an Original From History

Book a place to see an original historical print during The Eye Festival at The National Library of Wales We are lucky to have 6 prints made available to view on Saturday 1st September PLEASE book a spot Cereus Gigantius – Carleton Watkins     Ben James, Miner – Robert Frank     Renaldo Corpanini – Mo Wilson Canon de Chelly- E S Curtis     Lakeside Penlle’rgaer – Philip H Delamontte     Marine and Child – Philip Jones Griffiths

6 out of 6 The last winner of the UrbanWales competition is…

Neil Johansson ( sven804 on Instagram ) This striking image will join the other 5 to be exhibited at The Eye Festival on 30th September. The overall winner will collect a free lifetime Pixelrights website account. Thank you Pixelrights for your kind sponsorship of the competition